Is your Home’s Air Quality Scary?  

We are all concerned over what we touch out in public, what’s in the water we drink, and what is in the things that we buy. As products get cheaper and less Eco-friendly, we tend to think of the purest and best ways to come about these things. When it comes to water, we don’t want brown, mucky water to drink! No one would. So we buy a purifier, bottled water, RO water etc., to get the best out of what we drink. The same thing could go for your air! Now imagine all of the smog, pollutants, and dust that you breathe in. What if I told you that there’s a way to purify your air just as you would your RO water? Now there is a way!  Even if the outside world has pollution, your home/ office doesn’t have to! Keep reading to find out more.

What can I do Myself? 

It’s a harsh world out there, but your home doesn’t have to be!  There are multiple steps you can take in making your air fresh and pure. the first way is to ensure that your actual HVAC unit is regularly cleaned of dust and rust. Make sure that air filters are changed monthly. These filter all of the air that goes into your lungs, so why let that air pass through a dirt covered piece of fiberglass. Dirty filters are also a common cause to your HVAC unit not running efficiently. If a scary smell is also a bother in your home, you can try our Clean Air in place fresheners. Our highly trained technicians will strategically place these in your air vent systems. These come in different fragrances such as Fresh Linens and a scary good Citrus. If these things aren’t doing the trick for you, well I’ve got a treat up my sleeve.

No Tricks, Just Treats!.. and Pure Air 

Let us introduce you to the flu shot for your home! This in place air purifier can clean your house from the air, to even the dust that’s collecting on those leftover decorations from the last holiday. It removes pollutants and sends ionized oxidizers directly to the source. This isn’t one of those things that is a gimmick and a waste of money. We have customers that LOVE their Reme Halo. We can attest to this also, as we have installed one here in our office. Those with lots of traffic in and out of the building can get tons of this West Texas dirt in your space without even realizing it. This innovative purifier also removes flu, mold, gas odors, and so much more! This product is also great for those with pets, children and allergies. It uses six technologies to remove all of these pollutants from the air you breathe. The first being PHI, PCO, Bi-polar, UV, Hydrophillic, and Cold Plasma.

Home so Clean, It’s Scary!

Schools are burdened by being one of the biggest hot spots for sickness particles in their air conditioning systems. Major schools have been reported to have a 20% absentee reduction after installing these. Who else is tired of your child catching the flu after you’ve done what seems to be EVERYTHING to prevent it? Now with this, you can do everything to prevent it. Along with this it helps reduce dust mites, so that means less dusting (yay)!  Another place that comes to mind is a hospital. Those dreaded infectious diseases that can be flying around are reduced by 99%! Talk about being scary clean.

Let’s Talk a-boo-ut One!

This is also Eco-friendly as it only uses around 13 watts. No extra tools are needed for servicing the technology. Along with this you’d be getting a manufacture’s warranty for five years! Cell replacement is also as easy as saying “trick or treat!”  Thank you Ghouls and skeletons for reading about our Reme Halo! Join us next week for tips for pet owners. Also take a look at our previous post. We write weekly with new information, news and specials!