Proper Ventilation Tips 

Why do I Need to Properly Vent my Home?

Your home can trap moisture and pollutant in all kinds of nooks and crannies. Forming proper habits of ventilation can prevent these damaging substances from infiltrating your home. Attics, restrooms and kitchens are among the rooms that catch most of these. Keep reading to find out how we can help you build a great ventilation system in your home to avoid mold and debris.

Change Filters

What happens when you don’t change your filters? Well, your filters obviously filter all of the air that goes to and from your vents. These should be changed monthly ideally, or every so often. Once they get clogged they can prevent airflow from fully flowing through the system. This can lead to system failures. So even though the thought of a simple filter change can me minuscule,  the damage done when left uncared for can become much bigger.

Clean your System Regularly

A home is only as healthy as its components are. So your HVAC system plays a big role in your home’s health. Each part of the HVAC system acts as an organ in the body. For example, dirty condenser coils can cause your air conditioner to freeze up and essentially become a block of ice. The same goes for having a clean inside unit. Your furnace burns up dust and dander that collects from throughout the year.

Sealed Air Ducts

Don’t let your leaky ducts be the reason why your home isn’t warm this Winter! Leaky ducts can be a reason why you have the heater on full blast but don’t feel anything getting to you. This happens when there are leaks in your duct system. Ensure that there are no leaks in the joints. If there are, you can easily seal it with metal duct tape or spray sealant.

Install Ventilation Systems 

Places where moisture can get trapped are the silent killers that pass us by. You never think to insulate your attic because no one ever goes up there, correct? Even restrooms and kitchens need these systems. Imagine if after every time you showered that moisture stays trapped in that room. Over time you’re going to develop mold and other things you don’t want in there. Installing vents and suction systems to get rid of this is beneficial to not only you but your home. You’ll thank yourself later down the line.

When will I need an HVAC Expert? 

If you’ve followed these steps and are still stumped as to why your energy bill is so high, or why you’re not feeling as much air in one room, call the Experts. We are here to ensure that you don’t lose efficiency and get what you pay for. You can’t spell HVAC without the V that stands for ventilation! We are here for you around the clock. For those of you who are Diamond Club members, there is no after hours charge for you, even on weekends and Holidays! You can give us a call at 432-606-9787 and we’ll get your ventilation system in check.

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