Heating Problems you’ll Run Into if you Wait For Maintenance

We’ve compiled a list of warning signs that we typically ignore when it comes to our heaters. Some signs might tell of a minor problem versus a major one. It really just depends on the symptom. Keep reading and see if your heater’s symptom falls under a minor or major sign of complication.

1. Strange noises/ rattling

A rattling noise could mean a broken heat exchanger. this can get pretty costly when you wait too long to fix. A big rumbling sound can occur when there is still oil in your combustion chamber. This could be a sign of problems with the burner, flame sensor, and even Pilot Light. All of these, including a cracked heat exchanger could be potentially fatal with gas furnaces. These could be dangerous. It is important to get it checked out sooner rather than later.

2. Burning Smells

When you turn your heater on for the first time in the year, you might encounter a burning smell. If it smells like something is burning right off the bat this is normal. It is the smell of dust that has been collecting while it was off. That is now being burned and the smell should go away shortly after it’s been on for a while.

Now, if the smell is of burning plastic or unusual, call an HVAC professional. This could often be a sign of something cracked. Wires may have been burned out and you never want to touch something you don’t know the function of. This of course, could lead to Carbon Monoxide poisoning and could be fatal.

cat with furnace filter

3.  Air Flow Issues

If you seem to not feel as much air flowing out as you used to, there is a number of reasons as to why this could be happening. One common and simple fix could be that your filters are dirty. These can get clogged when left in for too long and restrict the air that is passed through. Vents and intakes are another reason that could cause airflow problems for you. For those who have a down flow unit (your vents are all located on the floor), these can easily get shut or blocked by furniture and when we walk across the room. When air becomes restricted for too long though, things start to go wrong with your furnace and air conditioner (when it’s in use).

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