Interested in a Smart Home? Learn About the Reme Halo, Wifi Thermostats, Rheem EcoNet and More!

Which Thermostat is best for your home?

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Smart homes are the rise of the decade. Every day there are new technological advances in everything from cell phones to cars, to even, you guessed it.. Homes! What makes a smart home an actual smart home?  A smart home is defined as a home that has security cameras, thermostats or other technology that connects over a wireless network in the home.

What is the point in having a smart home? Well, imagine it as your phone. Your phone can help you get to where you need to go, communicate for you, and even wake you up in the mornings. The same thing goes for a smart home. New technologies like Google Homes, Amazon Alexa can make calls for you, set your alarms and even search the web for you. Smart thermostats and EcoNet systems can now enhance your home. 

Smart Thermostats

New technological advances are creating more convenient ways to use things that we never thought could get more simple! With your new Nest, EcoNet or Honeywell WiFi thermostat you can control your home at your fingertips. Have you ever left home in a rush and forgot to turn down or turn off your HVAC system? I know I have. You get an “Oh my gosh” feeling and start wondering about how much your electric or gas bill will go up and start getting upset. With these thermostats, it’s made easy. 

Within the EcoNet app, you can actually control your thermostat from anywhere as long as your thermostat is connected to WiFi and your app on your smart phone. You can find out more information about the EcoNet here. 

Have you heard of the Nest thermostats? Nest thermostats are universal/ multi-stage and WiFi compatible. If you purchase a Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can actually control it by voice command as well as the Nest app on your smart device. 

With smart thermostats, you can do so much. You can create a “routine” on your phone to have it shut off, turn on, and change temperatures at certain parts of the day or night. These thermostats eventually pay for themselves in the energy savings you’ll receive from your utility bills. That means you could potentially save up to 30% off utility bill costs because your HVAC system, on average, makes up about 50% of your bill. 

Reme Halo 

Reme Halo technology is one of the most innovative total home in duct air purifier. This is almost maintenance free as you only have to change the bulb every two years. So there are no battery replacements, no turning it off or on. We simply install it inside of your ducting near the coil and done. 

With our partners, we can actually give you the best warranties on your smart thermostats. Depending on which one you purchase, you can get a five year warranty. That’s the best warranty not only in the Permian Basin but in West Texas! If another company is giving you a bid, call us because we’d love to beat it! 

Looking for a smart home upgrade entirely? Ask about our specialty products! While you’re here, take a look at our previous blog post.

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If your air conditioner is blowing hot air you might want to get it checked out. It could be an issue related to the thermostat. For ac repair in Midland, Texas, please do not hesitate to call your ac and heating experts!